About me

Hasselblad Selfie

Photography is an important thread that has run through my life since childhood. I have carried a camera with me as often as I can, for as long as I can remember. I have been striving to make better images for some time but have enjoyed the journey and the learning. I use a variety of approaches, predominantly film, but in the last year I have been increasingly using digital technologies along side my film work. Photography has also held a therapeutic role for me, providing an important escape from a busy and at times challenging professional life.

In 2015 I decided I needed to bring some structure to my learning and image making and after some research I signed up with the Open College of the Arts. I had never formally studied photography until my first Open College of the Arts course: ‘Expressing Your Vision’ This course is the first element of the OCA BA photography degree pathway.

Having just completed the ‘Expressing Your Vision’ course and having thoroughly enjoyed it, I am now embarking on my second OCA course: Context and Narrative. This on-line learning log will chart the course of my endeavours on this programme of study.

I have learned much about keeping a blog while studying Expressing Your Vision,  so I will maintain and develop a ‘conversational’ style in this new blog for Context and Narrative.

I kept a similar online log for ‘Expressing Your Vision’ and it can be found at: here