Heimr- Matthew Broadhead- BJP August 2016


Copyright Matthew Broadhead

Matthew Broadhead’s strangely compelling work ‘Heimr’ uses a mix of landscape images explore the intersection between place, ideas, objects, history and philosophy. Travelling to sites in Iceland used by NASA and identified buy the US geological survey in the 1960’s to assist space scientist understand alien worlds.  His work explores the concept of space from a number of perspectives. He appears to be linking a interests in geology, philosophy and belief systems. The title Heimr, comes from an old nordic word for ‘world’.

Broadhead is a recent graduate from the University of Brighton and this project is developed into a photobook. I came across the work in the most recent edition of the British Journal of Photography and see it as part of my survey of landscape photography. I think these images ask the view to think about the remote, about other worlds but also about the world around us. It is hard to put a definitive description of the  work but I am intrigued by it and will return to again after some further reflection


Broadhead, M. (2016) British Journal of Photography (pp25), Issue 7850, August 2016

Artists website found at: http://www.matthewbroadhead.com ( Accessed July2016)


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