Assignment 1 Feedback and Rework

I was really pleased with the feedback from this first C&N assignment. It was a good balance of positive comments with some clear and helpful critique around improving and developing this type of assignment. Although not assessed, it is helpful to have a clear view of strengths and areas for development. As with feedback from previous courses I use different colour highlighter pens to identify the strengths, areas for development and things to follow up on.

The full tutor feedback can be found hear: §

Dear Matthew,

Many thanks for your detailed and encouraging feedback. I was pleased overall with the assignment, but also recognise there are lots of areas for improvement.

Your critique of the assignment images is very helpful and in the light of your comments I will rework the assignment.

You are right about the initial pair of images and given they are the first that the viewer sees, I am going to replace them with a pair I pondered on using in my original edit. Your comments about the majority of the images being from behind the adult is also correct. In part the motivation was to use this viewpoint on purpose. When I had my ‘stop and stare’ time in the planning phase, it was the children that trailed behind their parents that caught my eye. That said I have some different view points in the contact sheets an I will look through these again with a view to adding something different ino the set.

I am very much enjoying the reading and research element of this module and will continue to add to my blog. I am reading a lot of John Berger at present and will be adding some thoughts about this on the blog soon.

Thank you very much for the suggested reading material I will press on with part two!

Again, many thanks for your detailed and constructive feedback.

Best wishes



Reworked  Assignment

Taking on bard the issue about the initial images and to address the point raised by my tutor editing, set out below is a slightly revised set of diptychs. Making images in the car was difficult so I have made new images that locate the start of the journey for the adult and child outside the car. A minor change but one that I think adds to the narrative.  This revised set has also been printed in readiness for submissions for assessment. Although this assignment doesn’t form part of the overall assessment i still preferred to change in the light of tutor feedback.


‘Every parent’s nightmare as seven-year-old son goes missing’

A mother whose seven-year-old son went missing for more than seven hours has described how she feared she would never see him again.

Eastern Daily Press January 2014









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