Putting yourself in the picture- some initial thoughts


I must confess to feeling more than a little uncomfortable reading through this section of the course! I thought I should share some of my thoughts about this as I begin part three of the module.

I do recognise the ideas set out in the opening page of part three. There is clearly a strong and well established tradition of the artist making themselves the object of their own work. Earlier in the year I attended the excellent Alberto Giacometti- A line through time show, in which one of my favourite works was a self portrait painted by the artist as a young man. It was more than just an image of himself, the paintings rich use of colours and sculptural, heavy and thick brush strokes said something about Giacometti beyond the likeness that the painting contained. In this image I could see the power of the self portrait as a statement about an artist. Giacometti made many self portraits through his life and to my still perhaps naive eye, this works plot a set of helpful markers about style and approach through the differing phases of his work


I have also seen many photographers using self portraiture as a theme for their work, some I am sure I will cover as I work through this part of the course. Cindy Sherman, Francesca Woodman, Claud Cahun to name just a few  and all artists were there is s strong and personal narrative at the core of their.

All that said, I tend to hide behind the camera. In years of image making I  am the one missing in the thousands of images that plot my families life. In recent years I have experimented with shadow and reflection self portraits. I am concise though that this approach still retains a high level of anonymity. I think I will need to to move beyond this as I start this next part of the course.

More to follow but I have made a quick review  of some of my blog entries from my previous course.

Selected Reference

EYV blog entry about Claude Cahun Exhibition here



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