Pierre Beteille- Reflecting on assignment 3 feedback

© Pierre Beteille

Pierre betteille is a french photographer who produces whimsical but also thought provoking images. Although he studied fine art, he is a self taught photographer, his work has been used in advertising campaigns and his distinctive high dynamic range images , some of which involve significant post processing ( in photoshop I assume), are strangely engaging.

My tutor suggested I looked this work in the feedback to assignment three. There was a logic to this suggestion when I started to look through Beteille images, some of which were him holding books, the approach I had taken in the assignment. The significant difference being that i used the books to hide in plain site i my work where Beteille uses the book as a prop. Below is a contrast between my approach and his.

© Pierre Beteille

In this image the arts holds a copy of Camus 1947 novel ‘La Peste’ about a plague sweeping through the French Algerian city of Oran. Beteille’s facial expression and his use of rubber gloves to hold the novel, presumably to avoid catching something from it tell the view something about its content withouts necessarily being familiar with this work. Bettie encode a lot of information about the book is a single image, whilst whimsical at first glance there is far more to this image than first meets the eye.

In the image above, one of a set from assignment three I use the biook as a mask, it is the only one of the images that relates to my professional role, the other images represent my interests  and passions. I can see that the comments made by my tutor about how the images would be read by other left a lot unresolved. Yo need certain information that I haven’t provided in order to decode the image. It does make me think whether I needed to use captions. that said the Beteille images need no captions.

© Pierre Beteille

Reflecting oin Beteille, my own work and the feedback from assignment three, i think i need to look at how i can use more creative visual elements, perhaps the use of humour as a vehicle to tell a wider story. the next assignment is an essay so this will need to wait until assignment 5.

That said the Beteille images have made me thing about image content and that is before I even think about image qualities. it is worth noting that there is a real HDR quality  , almost hyper real to al the Beteille images I found. I am not sure how I feel about this. i am not really a fan of this style of picture, there is something of the unnatural about them, however i think i should do some experiment with this approach to see the impact it has on the making of meaning, which seems to be the Holy Grail I am seeking!!!


www. pierrebeteille.com/photos/self/ (Accessed March 2017)


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