Can you think of any photographs that are not used as a means of expression communication? Some thoughts

This is very hard! Whether an image is made with artistic, commercial or personal intent it will have some meaning and be about some form of communication to someone. In thinking about the question I though about Eric Kessell’s : Dealing with the flood, the installation illustrating the there volume of images being produced in the world. How many of these images are about expression or communication. At some level all might be?


Prints and Negatives 2013-2016

I also pondered on my significant volume of images made over time. At the time I made an image I had some intention, although using this exercise as an excuse to delve into my archive of photos and negatives a random selection suggests that the original intent was may be lost!

There are of course images made automatically, speed cameras, security cameras, airport x-ray machines, Metallurgical images, engineering ultra sound images, all of the above are about capturing or revealing something, but not communicating a message or representing expression. the list could go on with  other images made for the purpose of capturing information. Do these images communicate some thing, I am unsure. They do reveal information, the the driver breaking the law or the crack in a component, but is this communication? They have a specific purpose which is not a means of expression.

I will ponder further on this though!


Dent, G. (2013) Dealing with the Flood found at: (accessed April 2016)


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