Assignment 5 Feedback

I was very pleased with the feedback for this assignment. My tutor made very positive comments about the research and the exploration of complex ideas in the project. The comments were equally positive about the technical quality of the work and in particular how  through experimentation I had managed to produce a well balanced and exposed image.

Most importantly however were the comments about how I had met the challenge of the final assignment and he commented on how this work was the culmination of my evolution through the module. I pleased to see the comment that what I had produced was good work.

There is a genuine sense of beginning to find the elusive notion of a personal voice. This work is located in memory and also biography. Reflecting on much of my work outside of the OCA these are themes I continue to return to.  This work also opens up the possibility of further projects and it is because of this i felt I needed to develop the work further before submission for assessment.

Reflecting on my tutors feedback I decided  to rework the assignment by adding another image that explores the idea of who I might have been and how that has influenced who I am. It will need to be another tableaux, but this time more elusive and combining objects from my real life and an imaged life. The idea is that both images would be viewed in sequence. Neither reveal who I am but both contain elements of who I am. The ambiguity in the picture elements creating intrigue, but also encouraging the vower to think about the path they have taken and the pivotal moments of decision making.

There is a narrative in objects, they raise questions and also carry their own meaning. The tableaux I aim to produce will use objects from my real life and an imagined life.